The Best roasted crab in 2020

Mother Nature gives Vietnam different types of roasted crab (which are ingredients in many authentic crab dishes. Vietnamese grilled crab with tamarind sauce (Cua Rang Me) is a favorited dish in Vietnam. It is a perfect blend of salty, sweet Sour and spicy flavours Tamarind sauce: The key ingredient adds flavour to this food.

Choosing crabs is important, they must be fresh. The cook will carefully kill and clean these crabs and remove the crab eggs for separate cooking. Clean crabs are cut into halves or quarters. Some cooks prefer to fry the crabs for about 5 minutes. The next step is to make tamarind sauce from oil, ripe tamarind meat, minced garlic, minced onion, sugar, salt, chili, and black pepper. Tapioca starch is added to the sauce to make it gelatinous. The crabs are put in the pan and toasted with tamarind sauce for about 5-10 minutes until the dish smells wonderful, the crabs are well done, the sauce thickens and gets rid of the crabs.

Rhodes, around Britain, that the only secret to great fried fish is to “make sure the dough is very thick, almost too thick” for the fish to Cook, soufflés around it, keeping it light and crisp. “If it is too thin, it will stick to the fish and become heavy.” opt for yeast flour (which will contain a much smaller proportion of baking powder), quenched with beer. The texture of its dough is much lighter; in fact, it’s bubbling in a way that makes my heart sing, and the reaction around the table is considerably more positive.

Vietnamese grilled crab with tamarind sauce should be served hot with vegetables and herbs such as cucumber, salad, Vietnamese mint, coriander … At home, Vietnamese eat Cua Rang Me with steamed rice. In Vietnam, at restaurants or street food stalls, Cua Rang Me is only cooked after customers order it to make sure the dish tastes the best. There’s nothing better than eating these exotic foods while sipping some local beers with friends in the fresh air at night.