4 Ways to Perfect the Temperature for Your Wines

To enjoy 100% of all the nuances of our wine, the temperature must be favourable! If a wine is not at its ideal temperature point, it can alter its flavour.

Here is a list of recommendations to achieve the perfect temperature in your next wine and enjoy it as you deserve.

1. Calculate the time

Each wine requires a temperature. We often forget to anticipate that the wine will arrive at the table at the correct time. The next time you think of the perfect pairing for that important date, ask yourself if you should leave the wine out to cool down or if you need to put it in to cool it down for a long time.

Each wine requires that it be served at an adequate temperature and the necessary time for it to cool. You have to let the wine take its time.

 It is never convenient to take the bottle out of the wine cooler to put it directly on the table. It is also not suitable to buy a bottle and open it on the same day. Wine needs some time to adapt to temperature, light, and ambiance changes. Therefore, you have to prepare the bottles you plan to drink, if possible, a few days in advance, and leave the bottle upright and in the room where you will drink so that it adapts to your new environment.

2. Cool, not cold


Both red and ideal temperature white wine must be preserved at the perfect temperature. The wine loses many aromas at very low temperatures because the volatile components are not released. That is why it is essential to consider the temperature of our drink. A little cold will help soften the acidity, too much will freeze our wine’s fruity flavour, and we will not be able to enjoy all its nuances.

3. Weather

There are still those who think that red wine should not be chilled. Remember that its ideal temperature ranges between 12 and 18ºC. Do you feel that a bottle of wine in a pantry, travels by car, or has spent months in a store has that temperature? It will depend on the time of year, so don’t be afraid to refresh your wine. A few minutes between cold water and ice will be enough to give it its ideal temperature.

4. Respect every temperature.

Each wine has its ideal service temperature. From the point of view of the wine consumer, it is challenging to try to know and apply them. It is not necessary to take out the thermometer every time we have a drink, but it is important not to make big mistakes and serve wines at very different temperatures, very high or very low. Knowing the table of temperatures of optimal consumption of wines and your home’s temperature can guide us on how much we should cool or temper the wine to taste it in all its splendour.

In any case, using a wine thermometer is recommended as training to help us create a mind map about temperatures, which will then, with experience, tell us if the wine is too cold or hot. However, you don’t need to be extremely rigorous either. The thermometer is a cheap and helpful tool, making it easier for us to enjoy wine.